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Products 1-9 of 9

Choosing the Right Power Chair for You!

If you've glanced at the offering of power wheelchair models in today's mobility marketplace, you've likely noted an astounding array of choices: There's an power wheelchair (or electric wheelchair as they are also known) to fit virtually any lifestyle, or need - from compact travel models to sleek indoor models to go-everywhere outdoor models, and many in-between. And, by understanding the features and applications that different models offer, you can know which electric wheelchair may best meet your needs.

Power Wheelchair Selection List

  • How will you use the power wheelchair, indoors, outdoors, or both?
  • Will you need to transport the wheelchair? (If so, how often and in what type of vehicle?)
  • What weight capacity will you need, standard or heavy-duty?
  • What seating style will you find most comfortable, captain's, solid pan, or rehab?
  • Which legrest and armrest style might best meet your needs?
  • How important is speed?
  • How much battery range do you foresee needing?

By answering the above questions, and then applying those answers to the information provided in this guide, you can best assess the many models available, finding the class and model that will offer the most liberation to your lifestyle.

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